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Why Personal Space Is A Good Thing in Marriage - Mindful

Why Personal Space Is A Good Thing in Marriage - Mindful

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Personal Space In Marriage

Personal Space In Marriage

  • Many couples had their relationships going on pretty well thanks to the numerous distractions outside the relationship, as they used to be physically apart due to business trips, or outings with friends or colleagues.
  • This all changed courtesy the lockdowns when couples were forced to be together all the time.
  • To further complicate the problem, couples are not getting mental space due to the noise and distractions that go on all day.


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Space Is Essential

Space, paradoxically, is essential for building a robust relationship filled with love and intimacy.

Couples feel a heightened sense of connection and love when they have adequate space, and a lack of the same results in conflict, resentment and stressful situations.


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Creating Space In A Relationship

  • Physical Space: A partner can ask to be left alone to read a book, or go for a walk alone with earphones. This ‘aloneness’ hour rejuvenates and refreshes both the partners, making better connections possible.
  • Mental Space: Make life slow, manageable and minimalistic by creating space around your own thoughts. Yoga, daily meditation and mindfulness can help us create space inside our minds at an atomic level. This leads to better engagement and attraction with one’s partner.


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How we talk to each other determines a big part of how we live.

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