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Why Personal Space Is A Good Thing in Marriage - Mindful



Why Personal Space Is A Good Thing in Marriage - Mindful
We all need emotinal space and personal space. Nate Klemp and Kaley Klemp make the case for creating a little breathing room—even in intimate relationships.


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Personal Space In Marriage

Personal Space In Marriage
  • Many couples had their relationships going on pretty well thanks to the numerous distractions outside the relationship, as they used to be physically apart due to business trips, or outings with friends or colleagues.
  • This all changed courtesy the lockdowns when couples were forced to be together all the time.
  • To further complicate the problem, couples are not getting mental space due to the noise and distractions that go on all day.




Space Is Essential

Space, paradoxically, is essential for building a robust relationship filled with love and intimacy.

Couples feel a heightened sense of connection and love when they have adequate space, and a lack of the same results in conflict, resentment and stressful situations.



Creating Space In A Relationship

  • Physical Space: A partner can ask to be left alone to read a book, or go for a walk alone with earphones. This ‘aloneness’ hour rejuvenates and refreshes both the partners, making better connections possible.
  • Mental Space: Make life slow, manageable and minimalistic by creating space around your own thoughts. Yoga, daily meditation and mindfulness can help us create space inside our minds at an atomic level. This leads to better engagement and attraction with one’s partner.




Really see each other

Making eye contact with someone can relieve stress and create a deeper sense of connection. 

Even making eye contact with a stranger can soften your heart.

Listen with all of your senses

When you talk with someone in person, notice the posture and body language of the other person. Focus on the tone in their voice. Consider the meaning of their words.

Reach out and touch someone

Touch is a way we communicate and essential to our development. Touch makes us feel safe and encourage trust, love, and compassion.

Reach out to your loved ones and see if you notice a difference.

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Personal needs

Personal needs

Working parents tend to focus all their energy on work or family and put their own needs on hold. With the current crisis, parents have even less time for their own needs while they juggle work and...

Know what you need

Take two minutes right now and list what would most benefit you. It could be taking 15 minutes to decompress after work. Or to have a few hours a week to read a book. Or even guitar lessons.

Highlight what sticks out to you the most on your list. Then decide what top few choices are suitable for your available time and finances.

Communicate your needs

To have a successful and productive conversation with your partner about your needs and desires:

  • Timing is everything. Set a time aside together that is free of distractions, relatively peaceful, and not when you are overtired.
  • Remember, you're on the same team. Handle the conversation with gentleness and without criticism.
  • Actively listen. To encourage understanding, don't just listen to respond. Truly try to understand how your partner feels.
  • It's about giving and taking. Relationships are about mutual understanding, compassion, and sacrifice.
  • Do regular relationship checkups to foster connection and open communication.

Minimalism Creates Space

Minimalism Creates Space

Minimalism isn’t about frugality, but about creating space in our lives. It provides us with the tools to stop clutter from entering our lives and to get rid of useless stuff to ma...

How To Create Space In Our Lives

We think we need things that we don’t really need, and by not buying such stuff we make room for things we truly need.

We need to tollgate our impulse to buy anything by asking ourselves if it sparks joy in our lives or not.

Create Space: Travel Spontaneously

The more things we have, the more rooted, anchored or grounded we become to where we are.

When we are worried about our stuff lying somewhere we are unable to travel with ease and cannot be on the road spontaneously.