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Data-Driven Cultures Start at the Top

Data-Driven Cultures Start at the Top


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Data-Driven Cultures Start at the Top

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Big Data

  • There is an explosion of valuable digital data generated by consumers as we live our daily lives.
  • Advances in technology such as AI, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing provide numerous ways to leverage the data.
  • Apart from having Big Data, companies need to have an analytical mindset and culture, merging the best minds with technology.


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Like any other discipline, becoming good at analyzing data requires seasoning and experience. Executives with deep analytical expertise, sitting on the top of the organizational charts are responsible for spreading a culture of evidence-based, data-driven decision making.

This also ensures that data quality, data hygiene, implementation of data management and data privacy are respected and adhered to.


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The larger group of non-executives need to reinforce proper analytical techniques, and while not everyone can be an elite quantitative analyst, there is a certain basic level of proficiency that can be attained.

Employees need to be provided with project opportunities and made to attend training academies that provide the specific activities to be completed for increasing their analytical capability.

Organizations that invest in senior-level expertise and reinforce daily analytical activities will be able to take advantage of Big Data to expand and evolve in the future.


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