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This Simple Action is All it Takes to Stick to Your Goals

This Simple Action is All it Takes to Stick to Your Goals

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Aversion against discomfort

Aversion against discomfort

People value their comfort zone more than anything else, even money.  We fall in love with outcomes, but taking actions means going out of our comfort zone. And that’s one thing we don’t want to compromise on at all. So, when work get tougher and our efforts decline for various reasons, we tend to give up. 


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Abandoning goals midway

Abandoning goals midway

  • You have to work twice as hard to get back to your original rhythm, each time you lose momentum, 
  • The joy you felt when imagined the goal achieved turns into guilt and disappointment.


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Your average pace

Your average pace

According to James Clear, your average pace is what pushes you enough to make progress, but not so much that it becomes unsustainable. It will produce long-term results and will turn these actions into habits over time.


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