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It's Harder for Millennials to Stay Thin Than It Was for Boomers

It's Harder for Millennials to Stay Thin Than It Was for Boomers
"Our study results suggest that if you are 25, you'd have to eat even less and exercise more than those older, to prevent gaining weight," Jennifer Kuk, a professor of kinesiology and health science at Toronto's York University, said in a statement.


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Chemicalization Of Us

A new study reveals that even though we are exercising and eating at the same levels as 30 years ago, we are not able to sustain our weights like before, leading to obesity and other disorders.&nbs...




Fiber gap

Only 5 percent of people in the US meet the Institute of Medicine’s recommended daily target of 25 grams for women and 38 grams for men. That amounts to a population-wide deficiency.

Benefits of a fiber-rich diet

Eating a fiber-rich diet is associated with better gastrointestinal health and a reduced risk of heart attacks, strokes, high cholesterol, obesity, type 2 diabetes, even some cancers. Fiber slows the absorption of glucose — which evens out our blood sugar levels — and also lowers cholesterol and inflammation.

Fiber doesn’t just help us poop better — it also nourishes our gut microbiome.

Processed foods and fiber

Instead of munching on fruits, vegetables, beans, nuts, and seeds, more than half of the calories Americans consume come from ultra-processed foods. On any given day, nearly 40 percent of Americans eat fast food. These prepared and processed meals tend to be low in fiber, or even fiber free. 

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Research found the following difference in stomach microbes of different individuals:

  • Intestinal microbes of people living in villages, having a natural diet, are much more complex, and ...

Wrong Baseline Data

Due to the new kinds of microbes discovered in villagers, all the previous research on diet and microbes, which used the baseline data of the Western civilization microbe, thought to be the healthy and normal microbe, is now incorrect. 

Digesting Fibre

The Western world has stomach microbial communities that could digest junk food and might re-diversify and recover (to a limited extent) if we just ate more whole grains and veggies.

Financial wellbeing

Financial wellbeing can't be measured by only focusing on how much you earn. The gap between what you earn and what you spend is an important figure.

Household savings fell by 30% ...

Temptation to spend

It is tempting to spend more when your income rises. But savings rely on the ability to receive an extra dollar and say: "I can spend this money, but I'm not going to."

Leave your gains alone

Earning more will do little for building wealth if every extra dollar is offset by a dollar of new spending.

Wealth has less to do with your gains and more to do with your ability to leave gains alone without cashing them in.