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The Waiting Game

We all have heard the cliche that ‘Good Things Come To Those Who Wait’ but not many of us are really fond of waiting.

Waiting is an institution by itself, imbibed in our very society and culture. The Doctor’s office, for instance, has a ‘Waiting Room’, and we can’t do much in it, besides waiting.


Awareness and mindfulness are something that can be brought in the act of waiting, making it less of an ugly feeling where we fiddle with our phones, and turning it into a beautiful opportunity to explore our surroundings.

  • We can check our capacity for patience, or appreciate certain moments, paying gratitude for the downtime our brain has got.
  • We could relax, finding new insights about ourselves and others with the brain going on a free-form mode.


  1. W is for Watching yourself, your impatience and the feelings that arise in you.
  2. A is for Allowing whatever is bubbling up to come to the surface.
  3. I is for Investigating how this act of waiting is felt by your body/mind, and to relax, loosening your muscles.
  4. T is for Taking a few deep breaths.



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