Iatrophobia is a fear of doctors

Since most people do not enjoy visiting a doctor, it can be difficult to know whether your symptoms of iatrophobia is a full-blown phobia.

But there are a few signs that may show if your fear is out of proportion with normal anxiety towards doctor's visits.


Why the Fear of Doctors or Iatrophobia Is so Common


  • Obsessive worrying. You may find it difficult to focus on other things. You may experience feelings of panic once you have reached the doctor's office.
  • Other illness-related phobias. You may worry that you need to see a doctor for minor ailments, fearing they will require medical treatment.
  • Postponing doctor appointments. You may put off checkups or even suffer through relatively serious illnesses on your own.
  • Dentophobia. The fear of dentists often occurs alongside iatophobia.
  • Whitecoat hypertension. The stress of seeing a doctor may raise your blood pressure to a clinically significant level.


It is important that you seek treatment as untreated iatrophobia can cause you to avoid needed medical care and put your well-being at risk.

  • Some mental health providers offer services via telephone or the internet and can help you tame your phobia enough to face an in-person visit.
  • Search for a mental health provider that offers services in a more homelike setting.
  • A good treatment provider will work at your pace and allow you to become comfortable before moving on to treating the phobia.
  • Many phobias are treated with cognitive-behavioural therapy, hypnosis, and group seminars.


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