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1-3-5 rule | Productivity Steps

1-3-5 rule | Productivity Steps

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1-3-5 To-Do List

A very quick and simple yet effective technique that helped me personally to have an achievable set of tasks per day.

If you think you always underestimates the time required to finish your tasks, give this system a try.


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Preparing the 1-3-5 list

Preparing the 1-3-5 list

  1. Chouse one important task. I'd call it the main goal of the day. A huge important task that would also take the majority of your time.
  2. Choose at most three mideum tasks, things that you should also get done but are not quite as important as the main goal.
  3. Choose at most five small/simple tasks, like checking emails or playing a video game. Something you won't feel bad if you missed it and it won't take you long to finish it.


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A student who is trying to have a healthier, more productive lifestyle and thinking about sharing the journey :)

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