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The Story You Want to Hear vs. the Truth Within

The Story You Want to Hear vs. the Truth Within


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The Story You Want to Hear vs. the Truth Within

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The stories we tell ourselves

Human beings are natural storytellers. We are familiar with stories that have been passed from generation to generation, such as Romeo and Juliet, or Hansel and Gretel.

The most powerful stories are the ones we tell ourselves. The truth within us has the power to shape what we do and who we are, but it often gets buried beneath the stories we tell ourselves.


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"The truth within" means the things you believe or know to be true that have some measure of personal importance to you.

The truth within you has dictated who you have been, who you are, are who you will be. It has value because it keeps the spirit of discovery, adventure, optimism, and innovation alive. Knowing there are new truths for us to find motivates us to pursue them.


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The truth within you has practical and philosophical value.

  • Your inner truth shapes who you are. Your thoughts dictate your actions, and your actions lead to habits, and habits direct you on a daily basis.
  • The truth within reveals your values. It will always disclose what matters to you.
  • Your inner truth can help you make important decisions.
  • Living by your inner truth leads to personal growth. You can feel like you are your own best friend and greatest supporter.


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We often tell ourselves a story while ignoring the truth. Reasons we do this is:

  • To protect ourselves or others. Ignoring the truth is a defence mechanism. We'd rather believe a lie than own up to our own weakness.
  • Because the truth can be hard to hear.
  • Because we're so used to the story. Many people tell themselves the same stories again and again, so it starts to feel like the truth.

However, telling ourselves a lie rarely pays off the way the truth does. Stories we tell ourselves often lead us to adopt beliefs like: "I'm not good enough;" "I always make a mess."


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  • Recognise when you're telling yourself the story you rather want to hear. If you talk yourself into it or try to justify it, then it's probably a story, not the truth.
  • Don't act based on the story. The more you support the story with actions and continued belief, the more you'll get used to thinking that way.
  • Identify the story. Complete the sentence, "The story I'm telling myself is..."
  • Don't beat yourself up for telling yourself a story.
  • Be patient. Discovering your inner truth can take time.
  • Invite truth. Listen to your intuition. Stop second-guessing yourself. Create space for the truth, and it will show up.
  • Consider all possibilities. They may lead you to truths about yourself that you didn't know.
  • When the truth speaks, listen to that inner voice.
  • Know what you know, and what you don't.
  • Connect with others about the truths inside them.


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