How Art Helps You

The process of making art allows individuals to explore themselves and their emotions, it aids them when facing hurdles in their lives, and even increase mindfulness.

The same parts of our brain are activated when we make art and when we deal with solving problems, which makes art a great way of release since it can be a practice ground that can help you maneuver both personal and interpersonal issues.



Use Art to Change Your Mindset | Everyday Health

  1. Collage - creating a collage makes your brain think of how to compose new art out of what's already been made into art
  2. Doodle - when feeling negative, doodling can help manifest positive thoughts into your head
  3. Sketch or Color - repetitive strokes can provide a sense of relief
  4. Knit - it has been proven that knitting has a calming and meditative effect and can lower our stress hormones
  5. Sculpting - can mirror the process of building our ego whatever material you use.


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