Creative burnout: when the creativity tap runs dry - Deepstash
Creative burnout: when the creativity tap runs dry

Creative burnout: when the creativity tap runs dry


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Creative burnout: when the creativity tap runs dry

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Creative Burnout

There are many symptoms to this cause but we must understand first what creative burnout is. It is the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion around creative working.

More than many of us experience creative burnout from time to time. However, we must keep in mind that having a creative burnout does not mean we are lazy or that we do not care about our work. Be kind to yourself.


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  • Long-term procrastination and struggling with basic work
  • Constant exhaustion and inexplicable stress
  • Unhealthy comparisons and self-doubt
  • Unbalanced content consumption
  • Morning dread
  • Harmful habits and unusual irritability

With all these, it is important to remember two things:

  1. There is a difference between creative block and creative burnout. The former does not share the same symptoms with the latter.
  2. Many of these symptoms are associated with mental health conditions so it's best to talk to a professional.


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We often find ourselves stuck in limbo whenever we try to get back up to work. Herewith, it is important to let close friends and family know that you need their support and that you should also allow yourself to take a break from working to make space for self-reflection. After all, once you've navigated through your issues on perfectionism or external pressure, start with small projects or the basics and work from there on forward.

Remember that creative burnout is a temporary state of mind.


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Prevention is better than cure, if you agree with this here are ways you can prevent future creative burnouts:

  • Practicing Metacognition: being aware of your own awareness so you can determine the best strategies for learning and problem-solving.
  • Mindful productivity: being consciously present in the work you’re doing while you’re doing it.
  • Creating new habits, routines, and rituals to better connect with your inner self.
  • Information diet: managing the quantity and quality of content you consume.
  • Structured distraction: Instead of forcing ourselves to work through fatigue and demotivation, make sure to take creative breaks.

Removing yourself from the cycle is never impossible. Many people experience the same thing you do, so don't give up on yourself.


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