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On Doing Your Life's Work | Scott H Young

On Doing Your Life's Work | Scott H Young

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The Problem Of Focus In Work

We all have good intentions about getting work done, but we rarely stick to them. Instead, we allow distractions to use up our time until there is nothing left.

We need to choose what is worth paying attention to. A system of focus will help you to keep track of deep work. Knowing where your time goes is an essential first step to taking control.


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Shallow and Deep Work

  • Shallow work is all of the routine activities that accompany work, but don't require skill or concentration, such as answering emails, attending meetings, or paperwork.
  • Deep work is what you're paid for. It's a hard-to-do, attention-demanding activity. Those who can spend long periods of time engaged in deep work get to do truly meaningful things.


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The Difficulty of Depth

The Difficulty of Depth

  • Quantity: We don't do enough deep work. Shallow work seems more urgent and is easier to pay attention to.
  • Quality: We don't do deep work for long enough. To be effective, we need large, uninterrupted chunks of time.

We may intend to get more deep work done, but doing the work week after week is another thing.


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How To Consistently Do Deep Work

The system to perform your best work is simply to continuously track your deep work hours. Keeping this record can be an eye-opener to how you spend your time. You may find that only a quarter of your available working hours are spent on deep tasks.

  • Note the starting time you start your deep work. When you get interrupted or stop, note the ending time.
  • Only count the chunks for deep work that is longer than half an hour.
  • Add up the deep tasks.


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"Nine-tenths of wisdom is being wise in time." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

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