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Relaxing with Chaos - zen habits

Relaxing with Chaos - zen habits

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We Prefer Order And Stability

We Prefer Order And Stability

There’s a big part of us that doesn’t like chaos: we want order and simplicity.

  • When we feel overwhelmed, we might beat ourselves up and try to look for a system to get things under control.
  • When plans don’t go how we hoped they would, we feel like we’re on unsteady ground, and we start criticizing ourselves or feeling like we’re doing things wrong.


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Relaxing In The Middle Of Chaos

If we could do that:

  • We would be Ok with the feeling of overwhelm, and not need to panic or feel bad.
  • We would simply take the next step and focus on one thing at a time.
  • We could put our work out into the world and accept the fact that we will be judged.
  • We could be with someone’s upsetness, giving them compassion rather than worrying about whether we’ll be Ok.
  • We could meditate, go for a walk, exercise, eat healthy food, deal with our finances, and do all kinds of other simple, helpful actions that we put off when we feel stressed about chaos.


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Training With The Chaos

Notice when we’re feeling chaos and then use it as a kind of meditation, to breathe and then relax.

  • Notice when you’re feeling chaos. You don’t have to look for it. The world will always give us enough chaos to practice with.
  • Pause.
  • Breathe. Deep into your belly, slowly, letting yourself relax with each breath.
  • Then learn to relax with this feeling of chaos, uncertainty, fear, anxiety, shakiness, groundlessness.


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