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How to Fill an Employment Gap on Your Resume

How to Fill an Employment Gap on Your Resume


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How to Fill an Employment Gap on Your Resume

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Why Resume Gaps Form

The job-market today changes very fast. Innovation means new industries require candidates who can learn quickly and adapt their experience to new roles. This means that people work for shorter periods at several companies, with brief employment gaps.

As markets continue to shift in unpredictable ways, job hunters need to understand how to address resume gaps and avoid them in the future.


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Employers often look for applicants who can show their problem-solving skills. It does not have to be limited to the tasks you performed in a position. You can also showcase your experience as a combination of other tasks that is applicable to the role they are trying to fill.

Write down every project you've spent time on in between the roles currently listed on your resume. See if you can make any connection between that and what the hiring managers are looking for.


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If you recently lost your job, you can fill anticipated resume gaps while searching for a permanent role. Start a personal project. Being a self-starter is a valued trait.

To find out where you should be spending your time, think about the next job you want.

  1. What industry is it in?
  2. What positions appeal to you?
  3. What projects can help you build the skills needed for those positions?

From there, you can venture out on your own, or expand your network.


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The quickest way to fill a resume gap is to become a creator. Perhaps your last job provided you with valuable insight you could share.

  • You could create content about best practices that companies, employees, and job hunters can use.
  • You can become a community organizer or host events for people interested in your area of expertise.

The key is to take your niche and use it as a tool to help other people. Then you have something to add to your resume.


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If you're not interested in venturing out on your own, you need to become comfortable reaching out to people you don't know.

Make a list of your friends, family, and acquaintances that work in your industry and offer your help. If you run out of people you know, reach out to unfamiliar companies too. If you do enough outreach, some of these people will engage with you. Soon, you can add a portfolio of clients that can speak to the value you're able to bring to them.


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