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How to Build a Digital Marketing Team in 2021

The new generation of marketing champs are not using papers and billboards anymore, they use the World Wide Web.

Whether you are a small business owner or an Enterprise, you will need a back-office that runs through cyberspace. Let's cover the essentials.



Different roles in Digital Marketing Jungle

Here are some of the common roles associated with Digital Marketing:

  1. Social Media Manager
  2. Paid Media Specialist
  3. Content Creator
  4. Web Developer
  5. SEO Specialist
  6. Email Marketer
  7. Graphic Designer
  8. Video Editor

Isn't that amazing? Almost all of these positions are can be learned in Online Course? 


Digital Team for Small Businesses

Small businesses ' digital marketing effort can be done by the owner himself, but the question is...

Will it be efficient?

Being a generalist or learning all those listed roles is definitely possible but are you willing to sacrifice your time dealing with your social media, website, and content instead of focusing on how to scale your business up?

Hiring a "Full Stack Digital Marketer or a Marketing Generalist" (mentioned in the blog) can be tricky and needs researching. 


Digital Team for Medium-Sized Businesses

As your business grows, roles get more diversified. You need a lot of manpower to keep the fire on your business train burning.

At this point, you don't just need a "Generalist", but a specialist who can do the job as efficiently as possible.

But here is where it gets tricky, the team of specialists must be lead by a Generalist, why? Because he overviews the whole operation.

(In-Depth discussion about the roles in the image is further discussed on the blog)


The Enterprise Digital Dream Team

 This time a team is not enough to keep the engines running for your empire.

As you grow to this level, you need to upgrade the gears, instead of teams you need an entire department that is specialized in specific digital marketing tasks.

Global domination cannot be attained if you keep yourself from growing and how to grow?

Hire people and build your Digital Marketing Dream Team.


Skills that you need to gather for your growing business

You don't need to know them all, especially if you are the owner.

Your main focus is to scale the business out and not to be stressed out with the fine details of Digital Marketing, but you must be involved in these activities in order for the Business to flourish.

Setting up:

Business Goals

Marketing Goals

Marketing Strategy 

(In-Depth discussion about the roles in the image is further discussed on the blog)


Your team inside a Funnel

We all know the Top, Middle, and Bottom of the Funnel right?

You can call it anything you want like for an instance "The Customer Journey", and still, you need someone to make all these stages happen.

Each role of your Department must turn a cold and uninterested spectator into a hot loyal lead.

In order to achieve this? They need to work and aim to hit the same goal and follow a strategy.


Detailed Structure for your team based on Business Size

The best team is not built overnight, more than these positions, you must know how to cherry-pick those who are "for real" and those who are not suited for the job. 

Problem is, you can't really tell until they are part of your team and they perform.

Tricky thing is, some applicants are "Yes Man" because they need a job but at the end of the day they can't get the job done.

It's up to you and your HR team on how to distinguish the people that will really make an impact.


Let's Build your Digital Marketing Team for 2021

Small Businesses and Large Businesses can really benefit from a team that is working for a common goal.

One tip in order to make all of your efforts not be wasted is to have an Extreme Ownership of everything that might happen during the ups and downs of the project.

Remember that your team leaders and their team members are looking up to you for LEADERSHIP.

More than the technical skills needed to build our Digital Marketing Team.

"PEOPLE SKILL" is still your Trump Card.


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