Write out the details

As soon as an idea pops into your head, write out the details. Write out every nook and cranny of information that embodies your idea

If you have an idea for a product, write down who the product is for, how it works, why it’s different from other industries, and why it’s going to sell like crazy.

Details are refinement. Details matter. Details are the little things that make things work.


The Process Behind Creating a Brilliant Idea


Outline a beginning & an End

Outlining is a visual process that shows the beginning and the end. It’s taking something abstract and making it visible.

Try starting at the end. Write what your idea will accomplish or what you want it to accomplish. Then work backward. This gives your idea a map.

Your outline doesn’t have to be finding resources or something major. It needs to be something to give your idea a push.


Don’t Give Up

Persistent will outlast talent. Commitment will outlast spontaneous creativity.

There are a million great ideas, but there are only a few of them that turn into something. The most successful ideas have a process. They have a process of, “I won’t give up on this damn thing.” It doesn’t matter if others don’t believe in it.


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