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The Exponential Curve of Excellence: When Enough is Enough

The Exponential Curve of Excellence: When Enough is Enough


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The High Achievers Syndrome

We all want to achieve certain goals. We want to graduate from college, learn an extra language, learn another instrument, write a book.

In order to achieve these things, we need to take action. But, action taken without a good reason is wasting a huge amount of time. This is high-...

Anything beyond what you need to do as a minimum to achieve your goal is wasteful.

Extra effort does not continue to give steady growth. As you move closer to perfection, improvement slows down even if you put in more effort. In other words, we can arrive at a point when t...

Take weight loss. Imagine you want to lose 100 pounds. You avoid sugar, count calories, and it yields big results at first. You lose two pounds a week. But, subsequent efforts yield smaller and smaller results. You then add more exercise or more research, only to find tiny return...

There are two enemies of execution:

  • Inaction. It breeds doubt and fear and stops you from achieving your goals.
  • Perfectionism. It causes anxiety, tension, and stress.

The best place is just above "good enough," where yo...

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