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The Checkout Dilemma: How to Know When to Quit (and When to Stick)

The Checkout Dilemma: How to Know When to Quit (and When to Stick)


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Systems And Goals

When we are working towards a goal, it is crucial to building a system that will eventually make you reach it. Systems are self-driven daily behaviours that guide and remind you towards what’s really important, and how not to get lost in life.

There isn’t anyone system tha...

One needs to experiment with a variety of systems and routines to finally choose and practice what is right for us and our circumstances.

The common dilemma is when to change and decide to leave a system or stick with it, as we often encounter a variety of obstacles while ...

We have often invested time, energy and attention towards a certain system, and are too proud to pivot to another one.

But we can revisit our decision if the path is completely flawed or is useless.

One can keep changing lanes, switching to something new and different, and pivot as we constantly reevaluate our decision.

The problem with constant switching is wastage of time, effort and energy. One can never get anywhere when one is constantly switching systems and pathways. Motion is...

If we have sunken cost in an ongoing system, like a career, it doesn’t mean we should stick with it forever, especially if it is no longer relevant or useful.

One can first choose a system with complete research, and if after a while the system is not looking good, switch from it to somet...

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