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5 Tips for Success: Just for Today

5 Tips for Success: Just for Today

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first and foremost, success takes planning. Planning out your time, planning your goals, planning what to eat, when to relax, and who you have to meet with.  As Ben Franklin puts it: “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.” Just for Today: buy a planner/calendar and begin to schedule out your time.


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make them. It’s overwhelmingly more difficult to achieve something if you don’t write it down, plan it out, and focus on accomplishing that specific thing. Make them achievable and give yourself a time limit to accomplish them. A good way to set goals is to picture your end goal and break it down backwards from there. Just for Today: picture yourself in five years and write down exactly where you would like to see yourself, tomorrow you can begin to break it down into achievable goals.


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Attitude Check

Attitude Check

Keep your attitude positive. Find joy in our work.  Sometimes you just have to decide to be positive about what you are doing right now. Just for Today: think of an issue that makes you think negatively and brainstorm a way to improve that situation or how to combat the negative attitude that comes with it.


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Seek Excellence

Seek Excellence

Always be looking for opportunities to learn. Make sure that whatever you’re doing, you are the best you can be at it. Current employers are future references. Look for ways to excel at your job or add creativity to it. Just for Today: write down the motto: Why put off to tomorrow what I can get done today.” Put it somewhere that it will remind you to accomplish excellence today.


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Get Feedback

Get Feedback

Keep yourself accountable to success by writing down your goals and checklists and keeping track of when you accomplish them. Ask for constructive criticism and accountability from those around you. Just for Today: find one person that would be willing to ask you periodically how your goals are coming along.


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