Being more efficient at work is not just about getting more done. It’s about focusing your energy on the tasks that matter and discarding those that don’t.

The single biggest waste of time in any work day is meetings. We have all been to meetings where we don’t speak or don’t add any value. Most of us will have been to meetings and not even known why we were there. If you want to be more efficient at work you have to stop enabling this behaviour.

Your inbox is one of the biggest barriers to you becoming more efficient at work. An out of control inbox makes it impossible to know which tasks will add value and which is junk. You need to head this off!

Put at least 30 minutes aside in your diary each day for admin tasks. If you manage a large team you may need more, or it may even take up all your day, but for the rest of us 30 – 60 minutes a day will be fine.



How To Be More Efficient At Work - Spur Planners

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