The never ending stream of perfect people living perfect lives with other perfect people has created a culture where we forget these are just words and photo shopped pictures on a screen. We subconsciously measure ourselves against these falsely advertised lives. It’s like trying to judge your life against a Hollywood film, it can never measure up because it isn’t supposed to be able too. This can create a feeling that you are not worth as much as people who you believe have more or are better. In turn, having low self worth can stop you doing things because you feel inferior.

How is it that some people just seem to not be afraid of anything yet you can struggle to look a stranger in the eye? A lack of confidence can manifest itself in many different ways but a common variation is not having the confidence to try something. Others may mis-interpret your lack of confidence as a lack of motivation or willingness to try something. They may also think you are aloof or don’t care. You can sometimes bluff confidence but you can’t magic true confidence up in a moment, you have to build it.

Life is what happens in front of you, not behind. We all know this but so many of us waste time and energy replaying past events in our mind. While there is nothing wrong with periods of reflection to enable future growth these should be framed positively. Looking back to criticise yourself, or others, offers no benefits.

Once you start to recognise your bad habits in this way you will start to spot more. These are not physical bad habits but mental ones. Things that you will do sub-consciously but still have a negative impact on your life. As they are hidden from view your friends and family are less likely to spot them. You have to take the time to understand what parts of your personality may be holding you back and then work to improve them.



How To Recognise Your Bad Habits - Spur Planners

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