Step 1 – What are the goals that you want to achieve? Really understand them to the point you can visualise yourself succeeding at them and what that will mean for you.

Step 2 – To break bad habits you must understand them. What are the bad habits you want to break, how do they show themselves and what triggers them?

Step 3 – Replace those bad habits with good ones that will help you achieve your goal. Swap that 2pm cigarette break for a ten minute meditation. Swap that end of week takeaway for an end of week spa treatment. Swap that extra Netflix episode for ticking two more things off your task list. Swap bad for good.

Step 4 – Set your goals on a weekly basis and review them daily. Know exactly what you will achieve that day so there is no boredom and stress is minimised.



How To Break Bad Habits - Spur Planners

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