Behavioral Psychology And Weight Loss

Behavioral psychology deals with analyzing patterns in our actions and behaviors to understand why we act in a certain way.

Whether it is not waking up early, eating junk food, or not going to the gym, we can learn from the science of behavioral psychology and use the various techniques to successfully lose weight.

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Three ways behavioural psychology might help you lose weight

  1. Goal setting: Creating an intention makes us change our behaviour. The good news is that even non-specific, vague goal-setting works. Large goals work better.
  2. Self-monitoring: Measuring the quantity and quality of our intake works towards healthier choices. Weekly monitoring of weight is an ideal strategy to stay motivated.
  3. Social Support: Friends, family and coaches involvement creates a sense of accountability. Actively engaging other people in your diet and exercise routine leads to fewer missed days and slip-ups, as our behaviour changes when we are with other people, or if we have to report our progress.

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