Are you expecting something great from someone?

Let’s talk about, First impressions we made when we saw someone attractive in our sight.

You meet people and want them to notice you, want them to think I’m cool. You want them to be mine forever. But this is your only first impressions.


Why you should become more logical and less emotional?

You notice people and you just think, You start thinking, they’rephysically

  • attractive,
  • appear to be warm,
  • friendly,
  • kind,
  • intelligent

awesome to you. These first impressions are registered in your mind, creating an attraction towards them in a friendly way or romantic way.

Well, from these first impressions emerges expectations and after expecting all that you’ll get hurt, just because your expectations is not their reality. You get hurt when none of that happens.


Become more logical and less emotional. You need to remember some of these points:

  • Data is King: Knowledge about something, anything comes from data.

If you never wanna hurt by someone you admire, try to collect data. Observe them and wait for real data.

  • First impressions are horsesh!t: first impressions dont come from data, but from how you perceive the world- which relies solely on your level of intelligence and knowledge.



People are weird, In general

The point is that, don’t rely on your intelligence to make assumptions about people. If it isn’t considering the practical reality outside of you.

  • People are weird: In general, people are weird. As your foundational principle, you avoid falling for the assumption your mind takes for granted.
  • We live in a world of marketing, advertising and sales: Anybody can sell anything. Having no real data creates that opportunity.

so, that why you should become more logical and less emotional, my friend.


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