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How Anger Can Help You Produce Your Best Work

How Anger Can Help You Produce Your Best Work


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How Anger Can Help You Produce Your Best Work

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Use Anger to Channel Your Energy

When you are angry at something, you tend to only focus on the thing that has angered you.

With so many distractions in our present day, it is so easy to not remain focused on tasks. However, this is where being angry could benefit you.

Take time out to acknowledge you are angry and then get to working on a solution. You will be way more productive, and you will remain focused on the task at hand.


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When you are angry you often have terrible thoughts. But those thoughts tend to be imaginative and creative. Science shows that anger helps us create. 

That is because it is part of our fight or flight system. So anger is used to help you think of a unique way to help you beat your opponent.

You can use anger to become more creative by:

1. Thinking of the problem whilst angry.

2. Getting a notepad and pen and writing down all your solutions.

You will be surprised by the results you get.


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Anger is a form of passion. It boils us up to want to act upon something that we have seen, heard, or has happened to us. 

When we are passionate about something, we produce better work because it close to our heart.

Things we are passionate about cause us to become more productive and effective in the work we do. 

You can find passion in anger by finding the root cause of the problem. Once the root cause is found, you are then aware of what you are really passionate about.


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