De-stressing Through Escapist TV
  • Binging Netflix shows, marathoning on escapist TV all night is a popular way to pass time, more so due to the pandemic.
  • We dive into endless streams of media to avoid confronting our emotions and numbing our uncomfortable feelings.
  • While it does de-stress us once in a while, making us forget our problems temporarily, escapism harms us in the long run.


Experts Explain Why Marathoning Escapist TV To De-Stress Can Backfire

Being addicted to escapist media like video games and web series (that keep us hooked using algorithms) is linked to poor cognitive health.

Watching an episode or two of a good TV show intentionally is beneficial for us, but overdoing the same leads to increased worry and anxiety, the very thing we are trying to avoid.


Escapist media causes damage to our brains as we soak into our senses all the sounds and visuals, our bodies lying on the couch doing nothing.

We need to honestly ask ourselves what we are feeling and what we need to do, rather than distracting ourselves by consuming mind-numbing media. The solution may lie in self-introspection, journaling or even therapy.


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