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4 of the Toughest Interview Questions, and How to Respond

4 of the Toughest Interview Questions, and How to Respond


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4 of the Toughest Interview Questions, and How to Respond

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Tough Interview Questions

Many candidates going for an interview need to prepare for common questions that may be difficult or tricky, just to present themselves as an ideal person for the job.

It is good to know what is a strong, favourable response which the hiring managers and HR professionals might be expecting to hear.


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Tell me about a professional experience where your integrity or moral code was challenged?

This behavioural interview question asks for a quick case study, and the answer depends on the role you are interviewing for. An HR manager, who is judging you for your past behaviour, maybe looking for an honest and open candidate who can tell a story about their past experience professionally.


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Tell me about a time when you had to deal with a challenging or difficult personality at work?

Here the hiring manager is checking your communication/interpersonal skills, and how you navigate a relationship with a difficult coworker in a respectful manner. Even if you didn’t handle it well in the past, you can add that you are wiser now and would tackle such people in a different way in the present. It demonstrates that you are a learner.


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If you are able to create change in the world over the next 10 years, what will that impact look like?

This future-oriented question checks if the candidate is selfish or able to think about the organization in the long run. The candidate's goals and aspirations are valid, but they must be in sync with the vision of the company they would be associated with for such a long time.


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  1. Take a few seconds to think, not feeling awkward at the slight pause. You can also ask the interviewer to repeat the question, while you think of a good answer.
  2. It is okay to let the interviewer know you are thinking about the answer, taking a minute to think of a suitable response can showcase your honesty and desire to give a quality response.
  3. Be confident when you do answer.


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