The 5 Crucial Interview Questions Of 2021 (And How To Answer Them) - Deepstash
The 5 Crucial Interview Questions Of 2021 (And How To Answer Them)

The 5 Crucial Interview Questions Of 2021 (And How To Answer Them)


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The 5 Crucial Interview Questions Of 2021 (And How To Answer Them)

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1) How have you approached building professional relationships while working remotely?

Here’s a few ideas on how to address this question in a thoughtful way:

Gettingto know a new person can be so tough without ever getting the chance to meet in person, so if I get the opportunity to get to know your staff, I plan to do my best to take every opportunity to share my perspective, my story and my experience. I hope this will allow me to introduce myself in a way that doesn't put too much of a burden on my future colleagues, especially while we're all navigating remote work.”


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2) What are your salary expectations?

That being said, I always remind my clients that whoever gives a number first puts themselves at a disadvantage. This is why I think the best answer to this questions goes a little something like this:

“I’m flexible when it comes to salary; my number one priority right now is finding the right fit.”


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3) Tell me about your biggest strengths?

I always encourage my clients to try to find their “golden skill,” the thing that sets them apart and makes them a perfect fit for any role. The skill you choose to emphasize might change based on the job you are exploring. Research is key here as well—you want to identify to the best of your ability what the company needs the most, and find a way to frame your “golden skill,” your greatest strength, as exactly what they are looking for, what they need to solve any problem that they may face.

According to a 2021 survey, this old standby is still one of the most popular interview questions, with 51% of interviewers utilizing this question in their arsenal.


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4) When can you start?

Don’t be afraid to ask for more time. You may feel excitement or pressure to commit when you receive your offer, but don’t forget to advocate for yourself, even if that means asking for a few extra days to consider the offer.

Take this opportunity to reiterate how excited you are about the possibility of this opportunity. You don’t want to come across as if you are rushing them, or demanding an answer to your candidacy, but rather that you are hoping for clarity as to their own timeline.


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5.) Do you have any questions?

  • “I understand that this position is advertised as fully remote. Do you anticipate a time when you expect the person holding this position to transition to in-person work?”
  • “Office culture is very important to me, and I wonder how you feel your staff has been handling the transition to remote work?”
  • “If everything goes well with the post-pandemic reopening, what do you think your approach to in-person versus remote work will be in a year’s time?”
  • “How do you think that office culture has changed with the shift to more remote work?”
  • “I love hearing success stories from the past year. I’d really like to hear about a triumph that your team achieved despite the difficulties of the pandemic.”


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