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4 Daily Practices For Productive Remote Work

4 Daily Practices For Productive Remote Work


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4 Daily Practices For Productive Remote Work

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  • Eating a balanced breakfast that’s high in protein and healthy fats (avocado omelettes anyone?)
  • Drinking at least one glass of water.
  • Taking care of your hygiene.
  • Making your bed and cleaning your room.


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My days start off with a routine “stand up” meeting at 9:30 am. After stand up I can be ready to get around 2 hours of productive work where I’m researching, coding, or pair programming with teammates.

When I finish that block of focused time, I get my ass off the computer and make something to eat.


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With a lack of commute and minimal distractions, you should be finding your day filled with at least a few extra hours of time. Whatever you do with it, don’t waste your newfound freedom. Many people including myself have taken to starting up new side hustles or projects to compliment their primary salary.

Maybe you want to spend extra time with your family, or you want to get in shape, or maybe even start your own side business. Remote work has given us the freedom to choose.


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If you’re going to be working at home all day, you should take the effort to make the space what you want it to be. A few items I strongly recommend for your own remote work space include:

  • An adjustable desk
  • A high quality, posture supporting chair
  • Quality speakers and/or headphones
  • A nice monitor with eye care in mind
  • Random crap that makes you happy — for me it’s a Yoda lamp I got as a gift and a few house plants (oh, and a space heater because my basement get’s freezing in the winter time)


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