Create an environment of trust and cooperation  ...

“It’s not just about telling people about what we need to get done, it’s about creating an environment where trust and cooperation can thrive”

Why is trust and cooperation so important? They’re important because in a team we depend on each other to get the things done.

In the wrong environments feelings of mistrust, paranoia, and self-interest are born.


How You Can Be A Better Leader Today

Sacrifice for your tribe ...

“Leaders are the ones who are willing to sacrifice their interest for the interest of the people in their tribe”

If you take care of the people in your organisation, the people in your organisation will take care of the work you are trying to get done .


Be the leader you wish you had ...

Always ask yourself which type of leader you want , And try to be that leader you wish you had .

For example - That's the type of leader i want :

  1. The type of leader that makes people feel safe and be themselves,
  2. The type of leader that builds strong relationships,
  3. The type of leader that puts others before himself,
  4. The type of leader that generates confidence in people to do their best work.


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