There’s something in my eye: why we happy-cry and what it does for us | Psyche Ideas - Deepstash
There’s something in my eye: why we happy-cry and what it does for us | Psyche Ideas

There’s something in my eye: why we happy-cry and what it does for us | Psyche Ideas

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Sad and happy tears

We don't only cry when we experience feelings of sorrow or unhappiness. We also shed tears to express positive states of love or joy.

A recent survey found that 68 per cent of respondents reported crying from a positive experience at least once a month.


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Happy tears categories

Happy tears categories

  • Achievement tears occur when someone shows extraordinary skill, achieves well-deserved success or overcomes a big obstacle—for example, winning an Olympic medal or recovering from a severe illness.
  • Affectionate tears occur when someone experiences a unique sense of closeness or communality. An example is holding your newborn baby for the first time.
  • Beauty tears are shed when people spot magnificence in nature or the arts, and it creates a feeling of awe.
  • Amusement tears happen when something is so funny that you cry with laughter.


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Why people shed tears at all

One explanation for crying is that it is a social signal. It expresses to someone how you are feeling. Negative tears may be a signal for help. Happy tears may indicate that a person is eager to be close to others and have no mean intent.

How you express happy tears depends on who you are. An extrovert more often will experience beauty tears. Empathetic individuals cry affectionate tears more frequently, and liberal people are prone to shed beauty tears.


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