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Cover Letter Clichés to Avoid

Cover Letter Clichés to Avoid

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Cover Letter Clichés

Cover Letter Clichés

Writing a personal cover letter along with a resume is a good practice, but it is ruined if the words and phrases in it are clichés, heard a million times before.

Words like go-getter or dynamic or self-starter sound vague and hollow. They may even mean that you don’t have any qualifications for the job to the potential employer.


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Avoiding Buzzwords

Being responsible, proactive, motivated or dedicated sound like great words to describe yourself, but employers prefer specific accomplishments and these general traits or buzzwords tell them nothing that they would find tangible or actionable. You need to show the employer proof that you are qualified and capable.

For Instance, if you write ‘team player’, have an impactful story behind that claim. If you claim to be an expert or are offering something unique, back up that claim with accomplishments, credentials or experiences.


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Cover Letters: Ditch These Clichéd Phrases

Don’t waste valuable space by writing phrases like ‘I have excellent communication skills’ or 'I’m a quick learner’. This is not the 90s anymore.

Have a concrete example to pinpoint your skill sets, like the time you may have organized a seminar or some software or language that you may have mastered in record time.


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Being Specific And Factual

Managers and recruiters prefer quantifiable statements. Let your career path become a verifiable fact sheet that has connections, stories, examples, and demonstrations.

Example: While interviewing for the post of a recruiter, don’t just claim that you have ample experience of interviewing candidates, but tell them the number of hiring drives you have undertaken, the cities or places you have visited for recruiting, and your selection rate.


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