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20 Life Lessons I Learned from Harry Potter

20 Life Lessons I Learned from Harry Potter



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Past Can Not be Changed, But FUTURE Can be

Past shapes us as people but it is in our hands what we decide to do in our FUTURE.

One example may be Harry himself, who lost his parents as a baby and as a result had to live with his retched uncle, aunt, and cousin afterward. And yet, this all changed his life fo...

Face Your Fears

You have to get out of your comfort zone and face your fears to stretch your boundaries and level up in your life.

In Ron’s case, “following the spiders” meant finding the answer to rescuing Hermione from her stunned state “Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets”.

 Money can’t buy happiness

Friends can give you happiness but money can't.

Although Harry's parents left lots of gold coins for him. But the Mirror of Erised didn’t show him a landmine of coins, but rather the reason for his inherited wealth – his deceased parents.

We are never Truly Alone

There is always be someone who will stand beside you in every moment in your life.

The best example of this in the series for me was when Harry wasn’t receiving any letters from his friends all summer, feeling neglected and rejected by them, only to find out Dobby had been ...

Friends will get you out of trouble

Friends will get you out of trouble, but best friends will get in trouble with you.

A friend will help you out of a predicament (like Lupin did when Snape caught Harry with the Marauder’s Map), but any time Harry found himself in a troubling situation (facing a whomping wil...

Sometimes We have to Face Our own Battles Alone

We can’t rely on our friends or family to somehow save us from our own problems every time.

We have to learn to fight our own battles at some point, whether it’s dealing with the petty jealousy of a friend when you’re unknowingly entered in a contest, or defeating a massive...

Confidence is not the same thing as Bravery

"Bravery comes from within and cannot be confused with its egotistical cousin, confidence."

For this prime example will be Professor Lockhart and the rest is known to all.

There’s always some Mysterious Force working in Our Favor

"What happens, happens for your own good."

Harry didn’t know it throughout the course of the series, Snape was always on the side of Dumbledore in protecting Harry from Voldemort, despite Harry’s continuous distrust in him.

Ultimate Power must be used with caution

When power is used for good, power has the ability to change the world for the better. When it’s used for evil though, power has the ability to destroy it.

The best example will be the detrimental nature of ultimate power is the creation of the elder wand. Wizards have to k...

With age comes wisdom

Better would be with experience comes wisdom.

Whenever Harry found himself in a tough situation, we could always rely on Dumbledore to give brilliant advice or offer a wise suggestion.

The Power of Love is Stronger than The Power of Hatred

Harry Potter showed us that we can triumph in our relationships with loved ones.

Even with Voldemort’s constant death threats, Harry Potter always had a support system of family and friends to help him along the way.

Sometimes Our Enemies turn out to be Our Friends in Disguise

Our original assumptions of others are often not as spot-on as we think.

In Harry Potter’s life, this seemed to be especially relevant. From Snape to Sirius, to even Dobby, Harry was proven wrong time and time again by his initial judgments.

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