What to do if you feel people hate you:

A person dealing with the belief that everyone around them hates them may find it challenging to manage or overcome this feeling.

This can make it harder to make friends and build relationships, and may also affect a person’s professional life.

However, some strategies may help a person feel better about themselves and how others perceive them.


Why do I feel like everyone hates me?


People who think that others hate them often believe that all the actions and words of others have a hidden meaning.

A person not liking a photo on social media, not returning a friendly greeting when walking by, or not responding to a text right away could all signal that the other person does not like them.

It is usually very difficult for a person to look at a situation that they are a part of without emotion, especially when things do not work out as they may have wanted.


Story trying to determine what are others thinking :

2.Some people may find that they try to read what others are thinking when they interact with them.

Instead of attempting to read thoughts, people can try to take most people’s words at face value. If they say that they like something, they do. If they do not want to get dinner, maybe they are not hungry or have other plans.

For example, if a person wants to go out with a group, they should proactively ask others to go out with them. Likewise, rather than waiting for someone to greet them, a person should say hello first.


Some people are bullies and are abusive or mean to others.

When a person is on the receiving end of this behavior, it is not their fault. Instead, the individual doing the abusing has some issues on which they need to work. A person should seek to remove the offending individual from their life.

If they need help, for example, in the case of spousal abuse, they can look into getting support from organizations such as the National Domestic Violence Hotline .

A person can try taking a walk several times a week, playing a sport, or doing another activity that they enjoy.

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