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The Top 10 Genres in the Music Industry - Musician Wave

The Top 10 Genres in the Music Industry - Musician Wave

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The Top 10 Music Genres

The Top 10 Music Genres

Music has thousands of genres, styles and sub-genres. Not all of them are commercially viable. There are certain genres that are favoured by the music industry and market:

  1. Pop
  2. Hip-Hop And Rap
  3. Rock
  4. Dance/EDM
  5. Latin music
  6. Indie/Alternative Rock
  7. Classical Music
  8. K-Pop
  9. Country music
  10. Metal.


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Pop Music

Pop music is the most mainstream, popular form of music, though its exact genre sometimes changes from soft rock to electronic. This kind of music appeals to almost everyone, and marketers often use this kind of sound to cater to the lowest common denominator.

The Beatles were essentially soft rock (though their music takes many shapes) but are considered pop.


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Hip-hop And Rap

  • Originating mainly in the 80s and having their roots in Blues and Gospel, Hip-Hop/Rap combines elements of spoken word, melodious hook and electronic sounds has managed to create a great fan following.
  • Early rappers spoke about their struggles, while the new generation is relishing an enviable life.
  • Social media has ensured that new sub genres go viral and influence youngsters across the globe.


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Rock Music

Rock Music

  • Rock, which directly evolved from the Blues, was first heard in the 50s in the United States and later in the United Kingdom.
  • The Swingin’ Sixties saw the rough and bluesy Rock’n’Roll, paving the way for the guitar and drums sound to achieve universal success in the 70s, known as the golden age.
  • It gave rise to the punk movement and evolved into complex styles in the 80s and 90s like alternative rock and progressive rock.
  • Rock music isn’t what it used to be though.


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Dance And Electronic Music

The digital age has enabled millions who cannot play traditional instruments to create music using just a computer. This form of music originated in the 80s and became popular in dance halls in the 90s.

This genre attracts millions in the overhyped concerts of famous DJs playing computer-generated tunes.


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Latin Music

Incorporating tones of reggaeton and Samba, latin music grew in popularity in the last forty years and has a wide variety of elements that define its sound.

Mainstream pop has generously borrowed from latin music.


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Indie And Alternative Rock

In the last three decades, alternative and indie rock has evolved from its punk roots. It achieved mainstream popularity in the 90s (the grunge wave) when it even eclipsed pop and rock music.

It is still alive and kicking underground.


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Classical Music

Symphonies, operas, concertos and orchestras are still listened to by people worldwide.

The older ones (Bach, Beethoven)are a lot more popular, as they have aged well.


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Korean pop has been bought all over the world, partly through glitzy marketing, but mainly through the fun, colourful and vivid imagery that goes with the catchy beats.

The fan following of K-pop stars has beaten mainstream pop artists.


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Country Music

Loved all over the world, this genre has evolved over time but has still retained its countryside identity.

The beautiful voices, soulful lyrics and guitars add to the charm of country music, and many artists have added rock and pop flavours to their sounds.


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Loud guitars, creepy images, twisted lyrics and the wall-0f-sound effects have made metal a genre for the non-conformist.

Bands use heavy drumming, distorted sounds, and lately electronic elements, to create the gothic atmosphere of metal and heavy metal.


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