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Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong

Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong


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Everything You Know About Passwords Is Wrong

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We all have been taught by the internet about what a good password is: a mix of letters, numbers and special characters, with some extra rules thrown in. While long and complex passwords seem safer, it may be just an illusion.

Most of these profound guidelines about strong passwords are plain wrong, as they are taken into account while creating bulk password cracking software.


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Password cracking software has algorithms and brute force techniques scanning billions of passwords per second, keeping into account the rules most people follow.

It is only a matter of time a seemingly strong password based on these rules is hacked, based on the constantly updated algorithms for speedier intrusion.


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By following the password guidelines, we are paradoxically making our private information more prone to hacking, as we are using the language used by computers. We don’t talk in the strange character sequences used in passwords, but the machines do.


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One can make passwords more human, telling a three-word story or a phrase that is personal, individualistic and outside the rule book of computers.

A phrase consisting of three words is surprisingly difficult to crack, providing it is original and not something out of a book easily available online.


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Fingerprint scanners deter cracking attempts, as do OTP(one time password) generation. Adding a second factor for authentication disarms the bulk-password cracking engine, though some people would still be vulnerable.


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