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Develop the Habit of Reading Every Day

Develop the Habit of Reading Every Day

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Diverse And Inclusive Workplaces

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1. Place reading on your priority list

1. Place reading on your priority list

Turn your reading habits into specific and time-sensitive goals and place them on your priority list.


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2. Find good books

2. Find good books

Finding good books can be a real challenge. To reduce effort in selecting books, you can search for a curated list compiled by leaders you admire.

You can also Google the “favorite books” of successful people you follow, ask people you admire what they read, or simply follow your own interests.


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3. How to enjoy reading

3. How to enjoy reading

To get great results, you should appreciate and moreover enjoy reading.

1. You may start by picking books that relate directly to a personal interest or skill you’d like to develop.

2. Then set a specific time each day you’ll read.

Depending on your own interests, you may go for books related to personal development, habit change, healthy living, productivity and so on.


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4. Plan your reading habit

You can schedule reading during breaks such as lunch or dinner, or in the early morning before going to work.

Set a simple timer to make sure you read for at least 20 minutes. Or start by reading 20 pages per day, meaning about 30 minutes.


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5. Read as much as you can

Of course, don’t limit your reading time to 30 minutes per day when you have more time. Read as much as you can.

You’ll notice that your writing skills also improve as you start reading on a daily basis due to the new concepts you learn constantly.


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6. Read early in the morning

A good idea is to start your day by reading at least 20 pages in the morning, even if that means waking up one hour earlier.

In the morning, your mind is clear and your body is relaxed after sleeping, so it’s the perfect moment to invest in yourself.


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6. Practice speed reading

Start by removing all the elements that distract you and turn off your TV or PC. Then pick a book, get a timer, start the timer, read 10 pages and record your results.

The next stage is to set 20 minutes per day to practice speed reading.


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A medical student!🩺 I’d like to live as simply as possible. I love reading- regardless of what type of book it is. People are wonderful, especially those closest to me. I’m determined to do some good for others in whatever I end up doing in the future.

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