“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

First key to organizing is to organize our time . Write down your daily routine. This is pretty basic, but it is one of the most important things you can do to manage your time.

Seeing your daily routine on paper puts the day into perspective. We can separate our work time from our downtime and feel in control of what we are going to do.


5 Organizing Tips from Ben Franklin


Once you’ve put your routine down on paper, make sure to check it everyday. Ideally, looking at your schedule each morning helps to put the day in perspective. Overtime, you may change your routine, but it will happen naturally.

If we let it, life can get in the way. But by writing down our routine, checking it for a minute or two each day, and continuing this habit, we can eventually find a way to not let life get in the way.


The average person has at least 13 things (often many more) that they can organize. This could be anything from your entire living room to the glove compartment in your car to your iTunes collection.

Make a list of the 13 most important things that you should organize.By doing this, we can give our complete energy (and not just the physical energy to organize, but the mental energy to think about what were organizing) to one thing.


Start with organizing just one thing . Write down in your daily routine that you will devote some time each day to organizing that one thing.

If it’s the living room that you want to organize, then break the room into sections and organize it day by day.

Organizing things week to week might actually start to become, should I dare say, fun!


Once you reach the thirteenth item on the list, start again at the first one.

If you make notes while you organize, then you can look back to see how much has changed since you organized 13 weeks ago.

The notes will also help you to see what you could work on to make keeping the place better organized.


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