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How to Avoid Bullies

How to Avoid Bullies


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How to Avoid Bullies

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Steer clear of the places your bully likes to go whenever possib

Take note of where you see your bully, then track the places they typically go. If you can, avoid these places so you’re less likely to see your bully. However, don’t let them keep you from going places you enjoy


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Identify the bullying hotspots in your school and don't go alone

Most schools have areas where bullying tends to occur. Often, these are areas that are hard for adults to supervise. Pay attention to these areas at your school, then try not to go there alone. Here are some common hotspots

  • Student bathrooms
  • The locker room
  • The school bus
  • Hallways that aren’t well-supervised
  • The lunchroom
  • The playground


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Travel with a buddy so that the bully won’t mess with you

Bullies are less likely to bother you when you aren’t alone, so use the buddy system to keep your bullies away. Walk with a friend when you know your bully might be around.[3]

  • If none of your friends are around, look for someone else who’s not part of the bully’s group. Then, try to hang around them. Start up a conversation with a simple question like, “What do you think of the new science teacher?” or “What did you think of the last pep rally?”
  • The more people you have around you, the less likely a bully is to mess with you. Try to hang out with a group as often as you can.


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Stand up straight, hold your head high, and walk away from the b

The bully wants you to feel bad, so they’ll be less likely to bother you if you look confident. Act like you’re confident by keeping your back straight, rolling your shoulders back, and looking straight forward. Then, walk swiftly away

  • It’s okay if you feel nervous and scared on the inside! You can still make your bully think that you’re confident.


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Don’t react when your bully insults you

Since your bully is trying to make you feel bad, they’re hoping that you will react to what they say. Try to pretend like you don’t hear what they’re saying. As another option, laugh off what they say.[5]

  • If you feel like you need to say something, make it a classy comeback. You might say, “Are you finished?” “Why are you talking to me?” or “You seem to think I care what you think.”


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Talk to a trusted adult or your supervisor about the bullying.

You might feel worried that no one will listen to you, but help is available. You don’t deserve to be bullied! If you're a child or teen, tell an adult that you trust, like your parent, guardian, favorite teacher, or counselor. If you're an adult, talk to your supervisor or human resources manager. Then, ask them to help you deal with the bully.

  • Say, “Every day Myka waits for me in the bathroom between classes. When he sees me, he calls me names, makes fun of my looks, and spits at me. Will you help me figure out what to do?”


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