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Who Is the Richest Person Ever?

Who Is the Richest Person Ever?


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Who Is the Richest Person Ever?

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This seems like unbeatable, but history has had wealthier people during the times when it was hard to measure the amount of wealth a person had.

Just having gold bricks and calculating their dollar value does not provide an accurate reading of wealth in ancient times, when currency didn’t exist.


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Marcus Licinius Crassus was a value investor in ancient Rome, the richest man in Roman history with a net worth of 170 million sesterces (ancient Roman coins worth a quarter). His thirst for acquiring wealth was a legend in ancient times.

More recently, John D Rockefeller had around USD 300 to 400 billion, and J.P. Morgan had enough wealth to stabilize the economy by providing a loan to the government in 1893.


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Emporer Musa of Malian Empire showered gold on his people and build new mosques every week. His wealth caused ripples in the entire region, hyperinflating the economy.

Likewise, there have been many billionaires that have caused bankruptcies and windfalls of entire countries, much before our times.


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