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Six Thinking Hats - Problem Solving & Brainstorming Techniques

Six Thinking Hats - Problem Solving & Brainstorming Techniques


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Six Thinking Hats - Problem Solving & Brainstorming Techniques

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What is the six thinking hats technique?

The Six Thinking hats is a role-playing model developed by Edward de Bono in 1986. each hat represents a different lens or perspective on a particular issue and is an insightful activity that prevents narrow thinking

The six types of “Thinking Hats” are:

  • White Hat: Facts
  • Red Hat: Feelings
  • Black Hat: Cautions
  • Yellow Hat: Benefits
  • Blue Hat: Creativity
  • Green Hat: Process

I will break down the hats further in the stash!


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White Hat


"What are the facts that we know?"

  • Our survey last month indicated a 5% preference for green products by women aged 25 – 45.
  • Return rates from sales have fallen by over 50% since the introduction of the new delivery packaging.
  • There are new delivery routes available via Company Logistics.

These are examples⬆️


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Red Hat


"What are your gut reactions?"

  • The green color inspires a sustainable look and is very appealing. This is even a great shade.
  • The impact on the reduced return rates could mean additional resources.
  • How do the new delivery routes impact our delivery times? I would certainly be interested in learning more about it.

These are examples⬆️


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Black Hat


"What risks should I keep in mind?"

  • Is a 5% preference sufficient for us to make a single color product? What happens if preferences change.
  • What is the cost of maintaining the packaging quality and sustainability?
  • The new delivery routes may not have been proven as reliable yet or may increase our costs.

These are examples⬆️


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Yellow Hat


"Why should I be optimistic?"

  • The new product could increase our revenue diversification stream and increase our family of products.
  • We can start receiving better feedback and testimonials from our customers.
  • The impact from damage from delivery will meet our service standards.

These are examples⬆️


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Green Hat


"How can we create opportunities?"

  • A green range could be expanded to a different color range set or be symbolic.
  • Creating multiple channels will allow us to establish new partnerships and partners.
  • Speeding up the quality and reliability of delivery could allow us to bundle existing products.

These are examples⬆️


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Blue Hat


"What systems or processes will be needed?"

  • Let’s go around the room and discuss the color options based.
  • How have the reduced return rates impacted our warehousing department?
  • Would there be any other changes to our workflow with a new delivery partner and will it change our logistics technology?

These are examples⬆️


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When  should i use the Six Thinking Hats technique

Use the Six Thinking Hats model to help with:

  • Running better and more structured meetings especially if there tends to only be a single view at every meeting.
  • Making better decisions by having a more holistic and wide-ranging view of the problem.
  • Approaching problems from various angles of facts, emotions, and creativity.
  • Inspiring idea generation as an ice-breaker activity by having different people play different roles.
  • More collaboration during brainstorming and decision making with assigned roles including facilitator responsibilities.


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Use the Six Thinking Hats for better meetings

Six Thinking Hats is a powerful technique for decision-making that includes different points of view.

The process and methodology allow emotion and skepticism to be brought into what might normally be a purely rational process, and it opens up the opportunity for creativity within decision-making.

Decisions made using the Six Thinking Hats technique can be more resilient and based on a holistic perspective, allowing you to avoid pitfalls and gaps before you have committed to a decision.


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