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Introducing Ethics


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Introducing Ethics

by Dave Robinson

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Children's education is so important. Rousseau's view on ethics is that we are born as moral beings with a huge potential for goodness, but we get corrupted with artificial needs. Things like needing ipods and phones create vices that impact our innate goodness and innocence...

Morality is not just a form of instinctive behaviour. How much of it is genetic and how much of it is a result of nurture?


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Nature provides evidence of co-operation amongst animals and plants, which is how “ecosystems” come into being in the first place.

Animals behaviour can often appear to be “moral” when viewed from the outside, but they live in a non-conscious, non-symbolic world of instinct. We differ from animals by doing what we do consciously. Human beings are able to choose and take responsibility for the decisions that they make. If human beings are “selfish” then they are so in an oddly co-operative way, otherwise there wouldn’t be families, tribes and societies.


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MARX - An “ideology” is shared attitudes, values & beliefs. There are different economic "modes of production" throughout history that shape our ideologies & morality.

An individual may believe they are acting on “moral” grounds, but they will always be acting in the interests of the predominant class, creating false consciousness.

However without moral agreements or rules, society could probably not get started. There is a complex & symbiotic relation between economics & morality. If the economic life of society becomes chaotic, individuals' moral beliefs change rapidly.


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