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How to Copy Edit at Sentence-Level: An Editor's Guide

How to Copy Edit at Sentence-Level: An Editor's Guide

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The Stages of a Sentence-Level Copy Edit

The Stages of a Sentence-Level Copy Edit

Key sentence-level copy edit tasks:

  • Look for wordiness and shorten
  • Find convoluted sentences and simplify
  • Remove jargon
  • Be precise
  • Focus on simplicity and clarity
  • Correct all grammar and syntax


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Editing issues

Editing issues

  1. Grammar mistakes
  2. Misspelling and typos
  3. Punctuation errors
  4. Citation inaccuracy
  5. Writing weaknesses
  6. Word omissions and misuse of wrong words
  7. Structural blunders at different stages of writing and editing (sentence, paragraph, and developmental levels)
  8. Relying solely on software and/or tools
  9. Skipping straight to editing or editing while still writing
  10. Relying solely on self-editing techniques


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When Should I Copy Edit?

When Should I Copy Edit?

Copy editing happens before typesetting or uploading your document for formatting. It will be a final review with simple revisions to awkward passages to prepare you for submission and/or publishing.


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