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Why you should quit social media?

In this fast pacing world that we live in today; demands you to be connected with others and urge you to be updated about what's happening with your friend circle or world.

And what medium helps in that- You are receiving right i.e., Social Media.

But have you ever realised it might not be the case at all. Infact in the absence of social media, you can accomplish more and yet have good connection with people and your loved ones.

Explore further to know if you should quit social media or not.

(Spoiler alert:- For the most people you would be better off quitting it.)



Looking at social media from detached view.

Deep work rules focus on multiple steps on how you can achieve your goals.

Nowadays, it has become normal to have a social media account. This normalcy is alarming because it’s a big distraction to our daily lives. You can’t help but scroll daily and endlessly.

The moment you open your eyes, you start scrolling to see what your friends, families, acquaintances, and even what total strangers are up to.

In short social media is consuming up your valuable time which you should channel in more valuable and productive work.



Craftsman Approach.

Your ultimate goal should be of becoming the very best at whatever you do and only way to doing it; is giving your undivided and intentional focus to your work.

List down two to three activities that you require to achieve this goal in your personal as well as your professional life.

This will instantly give you a grip to start with your deep work process, and how you can do networking much more effectively.

Ask yourself, what tools do you need to achieve this goal?


Packing Party.

The Packing Party Approach inspired by Ryan Nicodemus—a film producer who once packed up his entire apartment and only began taking out only what he needed.

In no time, he realized that the stuff he actually used made up of only a few things of his total possessions.

The realization more than validated his decision to downsize and declutter.

Applying this strategy to our social media habit could look like not using social media for 30 days and assess how we feel after this.



Please understand this very carefully

The two important questions to ask yourself when you decided to quit are:

1. Would the last thirty days have been notably better if I had been able to use this service?’

2. Did people care that I wasn’t using this service?

If the answer is ‘no’ to both questions after 30 days of being offline, quit.

This is a great strategy for social detox that will immensely free up your time and attention to focus deeply on your tasks.

(As of today I am creating content on Deepstash only and spend less time my Instagram account.)

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