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What's the Difference Between Agnosticism and Atheism?

What's the Difference Between Agnosticism and Atheism?

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Atheism And Theism

People have their own choices about religion and God, due to philosophical, psychological and political reasons.

  • Atheism is the lack of belief in God or a higher entity.
  • Its opposite, Theism, proposes a belief in God.

Both are metaphysical claims about something subjective and dealing with the nature of reality itself.


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Agnostics: Rise Of The Religious Nones

People with no religious beliefs are called Agnostics and differ from atheists, who do not believe in God.

Agnosticism, first heard of in the 19th century, is a neutral position that does not deal with beliefs and non-beliefs. 

It is a stance taken by people who do not want to believe in anything religious, especially if it is imposed on them.


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God's Existence

  • Agnosticism states that we cannot know if God is there or not, as there is no evidence to support either case. 
  • Agnostics do not understand the concept of an all-powerful, all-knowing entity known as God.
  • If the agnostic person chooses to refrain from acknowledging God’s presence unless it is proven by rational arguments or physical evidence, he is called an agnostic theist.


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