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Generate brilliant ideas by relaxing your cognitive filters

Generate brilliant ideas by relaxing your cognitive filters


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Generate brilliant ideas by relaxing your cognitive filters

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Generate Brilliant Ideas

The mind of a child is full of weird ideas, but when adulthood comes, it sets up cognitive filters inside the mind to block out strange ideas, letting only the conventional ones pass through.

The brilliant ideas don’t cross the ‘toll gate’ established inside us, and we need to adopt strategies to relax our cognitive filters and let those ideas come through.


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New ideas come to the surface level when we are calm and have an open mind. Most of the time we are not.

Multitasking often fails because the mind cannot take more than one task at a time and resorts to task switching, juggling our cognitive abilities.


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  1. Avoid prolonged activities that involve rule-following or analytical work, as it can entrap our brain.
  2. Turn off the smartphone.
  3. Do only one thing at a time.
  4. Manage our distractions
  5. Manage others expectations by setting clear boundaries for email, text messages and phone calls.


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A tight schedule never produces brilliant ideas, but ends up poisoning free-hand thinking.

Set aside full days or weekends to do absolutely nothing, just keeping everything open-ended. The stressors are then removed and the mind is uncramped, ready to bend and stretch to make new connections and associations.

Shower thoughts only happen when the mind is relaxed!


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  • The fear of failure and the stigma attached to failure limits our creative output. 
  • Fresh ideas don’t need the fear of being wrong or being labelled as stupid. 
  • Being wrong isn’t that bad either and makes a person humble, confident and self-assured.
  • Laugh off failure and admit your mistakes to get past the stigma. 
  • To free up mind space, remove any distractions and give yourself plenty of time.


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