What’s the purpose of the office – and do we still need it? - Deepstash
What’s the purpose of the office – and do we still need it?

What’s the purpose of the office – and do we still need it?

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Remote work is highly successful

When the world moved to remote work at the start of the pandemic, workers proved that they could adapt and do their jobs as well, if not better, than they could in the office. One survey of about a million US workers at Fortune 500 companies showed that productivity stayed stable or increased when employees started working from home.

However, many companies still require a physical office space that can complement rather than offer an alternative to remote work.


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The purpose of the office

The purpose of the office

An office is not necessary for productivity, but it does not mean that it's useless. The physical office space can still serve several functions.

If remote work becomes the default, the office can be for forging relationships and introducing people. Many people find the office a place for socialisation. Others want to get away from the bedroom workspace they have been confined to for the last year. Some feel that they function better in a place that's strictly intended for work.


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The end of the open office

The end of the open office

The office's role in employees lives is changing, and the layout of the place should change with it.

Employees want a variety of spaces: They want spaces to collaborate. Booths and sit down areas to have a cup of coffee. Lounge spaces to sit and talk. Conference spaces. Spaces for introverts to be alone. Informal gathering spaces.


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Corporate headquarters are valuable

Corporate headquarters are valuable

Many companies are moving to a "hub and spoke" model, with multiple small offices available to employees and one central company headquarter.

  • One reason is that companies still need some identity with a physical address and their name over the door.
  • We are still social creatures. The best spontaneous collaboration tends to happen when you bump into each other. You can only connect to some extent over Zoom or the phone.


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