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The Best Way to Deal With a Flaky Friend

The Best Way to Deal With a Flaky Friend

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Flaky Friends

Flaky Friends

They are the friends that say yes to plans but ‘flake out’ at the last minute, wasting our time or even embarrassing us in the process. They do it due to personal issues, absentmindedness or an inability to organize their day.

Occasionally, we can give our friends the benefit of doubt, understanding that they are forgetful or scattered. If they are with us in times of emergency, or major events we can accept their flakiness.


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The Pressure To Say Yes

Some people simply agree to plans because they feel pressured by the subtle expectation we put on them, even unconsciously. We can help by encouraging them to think about the decision and take some time to come up with an answer.

We need to give them time and space to be able to turn down our invitation or plan, as they may have other plans or may not have the resources. If we really want them to come to the event or occasion as it is important, we need to communicate that part well.


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