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The Forgetting Curve: Why We Forget, and What We Can Do About It

The Forgetting Curve: Why We Forget, and What We Can Do About It


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Origin of Forgetting Curve and how to beat it.

Ebbinghaus experimented with his own ability to remember some new information and recall it after different lengths of time. His experiences and results revealed a number of key aspects of memory:

1)Memories weaken over time.

2)The biggest drop in retention h...

1)Use "Spaced learning"

The most important discovery Ebbinghaus made was that, by reviewing new information at key moments on the Forgetting Curve, you can reduce the rate at which you forget it!

Even though our memory fades quickly, a review session soon after the or...

Another strategy Ebbinghaus explored was "overlearning" – that is, putting in more than the usual amount of effort when you learn something. He found that doing this improved retention, and slowed the steep drop seen on the Forgetting Curve.

He also pointed out that, by using certain memory...

Do everything you can to make the material that you need to learn clear, relevant and purposeful, and establish a strong reason for retaining it. The more you know how something will benefit you in the long term, the more likely your memory will prioritize it.

Reducing dist...

If you come to review some information and discover gaps in your memory, don't despair! This is the most productive time for stretching your recall . Learning done at this point will be all the stronger because of the mental challenge involved.

If you're imparting learning or information to...

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