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How to Quit a Job You Just Started

How to Quit a Job You Just Started


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How to Quit a Job You Just Started

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Have A Good Reason For Leaving

  • Before jumping off from the ship it is important to take the necessary precautions and lay out the possible path you've been offered or plan on taking.
  • If you received another job offer, make sure that you have it in writing (with a confirmed salary and benefits package) to avoid embarrassment if and when the offer is rescinded.
  • If the reason you're leaving can be addressed with a supervisor, try bringing it to their attention.
  • Most importantly, before leaving make sure everything on your end is settled -- such as finances or pending job applications.


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Give Formal and Sufficient Notice To Your Employer

Giving out a formal notice to your employer is a considered standard and a courtesy Letting them know why you're leaving opens up an opportunity for them to learn. A two weeks notice benefits both you and the employer.

It gives them time to scour candidates for the position and it gives you enough time to tie any loose ends and hand over any projects that you were working on to someone else. This will make your exit less dramatic and well appreciated.


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Stay Professional

It's important to stay professional in all interactions with your current employer because there are some companies who call them up and ask about your character.

Regardless of why you're leaving, don't take the option of having a network and being known as a person who is able to maintain professional relationships away.


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