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Experiencing Job Dissatisfaction: How To Decide If It's Time To Quit

Experiencing Job Dissatisfaction: How To Decide If It's Time To Quit



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That Feeling Of Wanting To Leave

Do a little soul-searching into what’s not working about your situation. Understanding what’s great, awful, and so-so about your current job might give you some ideas on how to fix things, but it can also help you avoid ending up right back where you started—in a whole new job you don’t love eith...

The Money You Get Paid

Either your pay is below industry standard, or you’re getting a reasonable wage, but it’s not sufficient for your goals. Both scenarios are equally important, but require a different approach.

If you aren’t being compensated fairly, you deserve a raise whether you’re planning to leave or no...

Work Environment Challenges

People don’t quit jobs, they quit managers. Poor experiences with management (and colleagues) are the #1 reason people quit their jobs. 

Work is about relationships, and together, those relationships create the culture and environment of your workplace. Your working experience is s...

Purpose And Values Misalignment

If you don’t care about what you’re working towards, you’ll have trouble staying engaged. That doesn’t make you lazy or ungrateful, it makes you human! Research shows that people perform better when they feel connected to their purpose at work. 

If your company isn’t open and communicative...

Lack Of Growth And Opportunity

You’re right to feel like you need to move forward—in today’s labour market, in-demand jobs (and the skills we need to do them) change more quickly than ever before. That makes learning, development, and professional advancement more important than ever. 

If you’re unsatisfied even though y...

Before you write a resignation letter to your supervisor, assess whether the issue is something you could address or resolve. Whatever the problem, it’s almost certainly worth an honest conversation about your needs, and whether your role can meet them. 

On the other hand, if there are mult...

If your concerns are financial, it’s worth explaining that you need to prioritize earning more, or that your pay isn’t representative of your skillset in your industry. You likely have more leverage than you think—depending on your specialization, it can cost anywhere 

If it’s the work environment that’s the issue, that can be raised as well. Obviously, don’t tell your manager you despise their management style—even after you give your notice, that’s needlessly burning a bridge, and insulting someone’s abilities could even trigger a defensive reaction. 


If you’re looking to find growth and meaning, or get connected with your organization’s values, exciting internal opportunities might be another good thing to try. Just make sure people know you’re looking for them, and what your goals are! Your job might even have extra budget allocated for educ...

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